USA History ( there are 3 questions and I need 2 pages for each question)

1. The continued industrialization and urbanization of the United States led to significant population and demographic changes. By 1920, more than half of all Americans lived in an urban environment. How did these changes affect race and ethnic relations in the United States? What new challenges did African-American, Mexican-American, and immigrant groups face after 1900? How did they organize to meet these new challenges? What were some of the events and issues that significantly changed or reinforced the differences in race and ethnic relations in the United States in the period 1890-1930? Be sure to examine more than one group in your discussion and look at those who challenged them.

2. Throughout this course we have witnessed the emergence of coalitions that challenged the status quo and sought to increase the government’s role in protecting its citizens. Consider how the Populists, Socialists, and Progressives pushed for reforms between 1890-1930. What were the guiding prinicples for each group? How did each group propose to use government to address the problems that they had identified in American society? Be sure to identify key proposals, presidential actions, and Congressional legislation that were passed during the period. What was the central effect of these actions? Did they meet the goals of the various political groups and what did they fail to achieve in the eyes of each group?

3. Examine how the United States emerged as a global power during the period 1898-1930. What were the main goals of American foreign policy during this period? What documents, organizations, or actions show these goals in both words and deeds? How did the ideals of democracy and freedom clash with concepts of empire and racial superiority? Be sure to give specific examples throughout the period. How did the goals and ideals of United States foreign policy shape the response to events like World War One and its immediate aftermath?

* The book that you should use are the following:

Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty, Vol. 2

Eric Foner, Voices of Freedom, Vol. 2

Michael Harrington, The Other America

* Make sure to be direct and answer all the points in a clear way as required in the question.


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