University of Michigan WK2 Empathetic Experiences & Narrative Techniques HW

Total word count at least 450

After reading this week’s second powerpoint (titled “Empathy and Literature”), answer the following three questions on Suzanne Keen’s and Martha Nussbaum’s theories on a separate word document and submit here either as a doc or pdf file:

1)What are some of the narrative techniques typically seen as contributing to empathetic experiences, and what does Keen suggest may override the ability of any technique to get readers to empathize? (Keen x)

2)Why does Nussbaum emphasize that literature should be allowed to disturb its readers? Why is easy sympathization with characters problematic? (Nussbaum 98). Compare to Keen’s discussion of middlebrow readers valuing novels that offer opportunities for strong character identification – why might that be a problem? (Keen ix).

3) What does Nussbaum say about the relationship between literature and anger? (97)

Reading from this link:


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