Type down 2 pages – Finding qualitative data and notes are given.


Write up the findings of your given qualitative data analysis.

Directions:  Based on the themes that you’ve been given and the notes (with the question), Write 1-2 paper that:

1) Describes what you learned about the experience of being in that setting or the social/health behaviors of the people in that setting (was your research question answered?) 

2) Lists and explains the themes, as well as provides examples from your own observational data.

3) Connects the behaviors and themes to your discipline/major and discusses the implications of your findings related to health. 

4) What do your results mean for issues of public, occupational, or environmental health?

These 4 points (above) must be covered in your paper.

The research question: “What type of behaviors to gym-goes display at the UT Recreation Center other than exercising?”

The themes of your research are (3 themes):

· Hanging out with friends and socializing outside of class.

· Using technology while exercising (e.g. listening to music with earbuds) as well as while resting / waiting for equipment (e.g. looking at instagram).

· Interacting with staff and asking for help with the equipment.


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