The Writing Process and Paragraphs

Part 1

Four topic sentences

A list of supporting ideas

Step 1 Write topic sentences.

Write a topic sentence for each of the subjects below.Why are computers important tools for learning?How can exercise help keep you healthy?Why is learning to read an important life skill?Describe a trip you would like to take.Step 2 Form supporting ideas.

Choose two topic sentences from Step 1.Write your supporting ideas for each of the two topic sentences. In other words, make an outline of the evidence you would use to develop your topic sentence.When possible, aim to use at least four types of supporting ideas/proof, such as example, definition, analogy, and testimony.Part 2Respond to the following question and, if it’s relevant, include your own personal experience:Briefly describe the purpose of each step in the writing processDescribe a situation you have encountered with a positive or negative outcome that demonstrates why using the writing process is important in any type of writing activity.


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