To complete your research you can use the internet, the class textbook, and popular astronomy magazines such as Science, Sky & Telescope, Astronomy, and Scientific American. Many of these have databases online, which should make researching easier. Also note that the LSSC Library provides access to many databases which may contain articles to support your research. News stories from CNN and online newspaper sites may also be helpful.

Your paper should be 4-6 double spaced pages, typed with 12 point font, and you should have at least THREE CITATIONS. If the resource is a webpage, please include the webpage title and URL. You may use Wikipedia to get started and find other resources, but Wikipedia should NOT be one of your 3 citations.

The paper will be mainly graded on how well you present the opposing viewpoints of your topic, and whether you argue your opinion convincingly. There is no correct answer, but you definitely need to think critically about your subject. The paper will also be graded on the appropriateness of your citations and the writing quality. It doesn’t have to be perfectly polished, but it should be readable, have well-argued opinions, and be spell-checked. No plagiarizing will be tolerated, either from your peers or from the internet. Everything should be written in your own words using a third person perspective.

 Many recent announcements in astronomical news mention the discovery of exoplanetary terrestrial bodies. Some of these earth-like planets orbit within the habitable region of their host star. However, being the habitable region does not guarantee alien life will exist on the planet. There are numerous factors that influence the habitability of exoplanets, and the magnetic field properties of the planet and host star are among them. Stellar activity (including coronal mass ejections and the stellar wind) may erode exoplanetary atmospheres, while exoplanetary magnetic fields may protect the atmosphere. What features of the host star and exoplanet are more likely to make them habitable? Support your discussion with current research on exoplanetary discoveries. 


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