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We implement a tiered pricing system that is exclusive to With our unique system, students are enabled to ‘build’ their own papers by ordering the options that they need choosing from dozens of possibilities. This way, they can order only what they need and omit the things that they do not require, which saves money. Here, at, we believe that all college students should have access to high quality, professional writing when needed. Thus, our services can be used not just by the wealthy students. We realize that many students find themselves low on funds, so we try to keep our services as affordable as possible.

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Unlike many of our competitors, we also give each customer free add-ons. For example, if a student requires a bibliography, we will eagerly provide them with the one that is professionally written for free. Likewise, if the student requires a title page or table of contents, we are happy to provide these additions free of charge. Many of our competitors will charge their customers for each separate element, often causing the overall price of the document to be much higher than originally quoted.

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Here, at, we not only offer a unique and fair pricing system. We also offer total transparency and honesty. The price that we quote for an academic writing order is the exact price that the student will have to pay. In addition to this, the writing service provides free unlimited revisions and amendments within the 48 hours after the paper is sent to the customer.

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