please write 1 to 2 pages paper in philosophy.

The paper should be 1 to 2 pages. Due on Saturday Feb20, 2016. 


In the class the Professor has taught us ways philosophers have answered universal truths, or otherwise understood as life questions. Examples of life questions would be “What does it mean to be truly happy?” or “What happens after we die?”. The Professor wants us to write about a philosopher who answered any life question. After we write about how the philosopher answered the question, we are supposed to then argue how the answer can be problematic. The answer could be problematic because it doesn’t make sense or it contradicts itself. After we argue why it’s problematic, we then come up with our own question out of the philosopher’s answer. For example, say I choose the universal truth “What is perfection?” and choose Aristotle as the philosopher. I would then state his answer to that question. That would be the first point. Then I would argue why his answer to “What is perfection?” is problematic and why there are mistakes in it. That is the second point. As the third point, I would make a question from my argument. The question I would make is “What is the point of being perfect?”.


This is only an example you can choose another one. 


thank you. 


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