nurs 6565 wk 1

Professional Goals

Developing professional goals is critical to guiding your career and transitioning to become a practicing Nurse Practitioner. The goals that you develop should be SMART. SMART goals are: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-specific (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Human Resources, n.d.). Keeping your goals SMART will increase your chances of meeting or exceeding your professional career goals.

For this Assignment, you will identify three short-term and three long-term goals. You also will explain how each goal relates to your professional career development and how you might achieve each of these goals.


For this Assignment,   write a paper that is no more than 2 pages long that addresses the following:

·        Identify at least three short-term goals (1-2 years)

·        Identify at least three long-term goals (3-5 years)

·        Explain why you selected each goal and how they relate to your professional career development

·        Create a strategic plan that explains how you might achieve each of these goals


This is a link about SMART goals




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