need this paper ASAP Help- Long-Term Care Administration


Write an 800+ word paper on the following topic. Support your information using peer-reviewed or scholarly journals. Follow APA format and attach as a Microsoft Word document in the Week 4 Final Paper Drop Box.

Although the long-term care (LTC) system has already gone through many changes, it can anticipate more changes in its future. Your final paper will examine the challenges that LTC has faced and will continue to face. As you write your paper, address the following questions:

1) What major challenges has the LTC system faced in recent years and how has it responded?

2) What challenges remain unmet?

3) What challenges and opportunities are future LTC managers likely to face?

4) What are some ways that LTC managers can act proactively to improve the overall LTC system?

Please have separate sections in your paper for each of the content elements above 


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