Need in 2hrs 12 questions about Ethnomusicology

I need it in 2hrs 12/2 6:30 p.m. pst


 Who is Muhammad Ayub and how is he significant to the development of

bhangra in the U.K.?

Who is the band Alaap and why are they important? Who is Sheila Chandra and what does she view as her biggest challenges as a

British pop artist of Indian descent?

What genres does Panjabi MC blend in “Mundian to Bach Ke”?

What is Bollywood-remix? What genres of music does it blend? How does the music/video of Bally Sagoo’s remix  “Aap ki Nazron ne Samjha” represent elements of new and old India? For what film was the original song composed?



Who is Apache Indian and what is his contribution to South Asian popular


What is Asian Underground and who is credited with inventing and naming

this genre? 



What is Bhangra-remix? What genres of music does it blend? According to Sunaina Maira, in what ways does participation in the culture of Bhangra-remix pose opportunities for and challenges to South Asian identity

formation in the diaspora? How does this differ for men and women? Who is Suhail Yusuf Khan, what instrument does he play, and what in what

genres/styles does he perform? How does Suhail Yusuf Khan approach the blending of Indian classical music

with rock? What challenges has he faced in doing so? 



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