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Please use treatment plan template providedModel Treatment or Service PlanResources Model Treatment or Service Plan Scoring Guide. Riverbend City: Focus on Diversity Case Studies. Treatment Plan Template. APA Style and Format.

Using the attached template, fill in each section making sure that there is sufficient information to demonstrate the objectives are measurable, related to the identified problem or community service plan objective, and that there are included target dates. The plan must have an introduction defining the client or the community population and a summary that identifies the differences and similarities between an individual client treatment plan and a community action or service plan.

Use the Riverbend City case studies, or another client or population you are familiar with, to develop the treatment plan or organizational service plan. In the Riverbend cases, you can work with an individual or family plan (micro level) or an organizational plan for the servicing organization (macro level) interventions.

The treatment or service plan must include the following components:Identified issue, situation, or problem.Objectives to be achieved (2–3).Measurable goals for each objective (1–2).Target completion dates.Indicators of successful completion.Define the similarities and differences between an individual treatment plan and a community, organization, or group service plan.  

Please use Treatment Plan Templete


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