modified foods in Muslim and Jewish regions

Create a presentation that takes you 12 mins to 14 mins to explain the topic is:

Kosher and halal versus genetically modified foods in Muslim and Jewish regions

Following these elements:

1. Introduction: introduce the problem including recent history and events.

2. Conceptual framework: type of resource problem and conceptual framework, relate the presentation to concepts drawn from ( Sustainability, economic efficiency, and equitability issues)

3. Details of the problem: economic, political, social and environmental problems created by the exploitation, transfer, or consumption of the resource.

4. Resolution of the problem: resolution of economic, political, social, and environmental problems, and different scenarios expected to play out if various options for development are Chosen.

5. Current situation and future: the current state of affairs and most likely outcome of the issue

6. Cite your research sources in the presentation and include a bibliography in a paper


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