make sure you could finish in 10 hour!!!! Please answer these question by questions' number—-at least 1000 words

Introduction to Criminal Justice
Spring 2016


1.     Name and discuss 2 court cases that addressed and defined a defendant’s right to an attorney.
(5 Points)

2.     As a tour guide for the justice building, you take the tour group to Court Room A.   As you progress through the tour, you explain the courtroom actors and their function in the courtroom .    (Include in your answer a discussion of the courtroom workgroup and the role each plays in the courtroom and in the process).



·      Name Explain function of   the three main courtroom actors

·      Discuss the concept of discretion for each major courtroom actor (judge, prosecutor, defense attorneys)

·      For each major courtroom actor, discuss the types of discretion each has and provide examples on how each can exercise discretion.



You are up for a promotion to Head Tour Guide, give your best tour. (15 Points)

As a defense attorney you need explain the pretrial process to your client, Kasey Jones.  Kasey has an education level equivalent to the 8th grade.  How would you explain each major PRETRIAL stage, and what happens at each stage ? (be specific and include a discussion of Kasey’s Rights during this stage) (10 Points)

4. Defense Attorneys (Use Course Material/”Gideon’s Army Video) (10 Points)

           a. Using examples from the film and from the textbook discuss two unique challenges public
             defenders face.

b. After viewing the documentary about public defenders, and discussing issues with court overload and processes, what specific recommendations (at least 2) would you make to increase the effectiveness of the public defender system ?


          State Recommendation and Explain how/why will increase effectiveness.







5.     Using real world examples (real cases) – identify four main goals of punishment and how each sentence is reflective of the goal. (8 Points)

For example, Jean Jones was required to write an obituary for her infant daughter as punishment for not keeping her child in a car seat on repeated occasions.  This is example of specific deterrence, the goal of the punishment is directed only towards her and is designed to prevent her from reoffending.


6.     Considering that over 90% of cases are plea-bargained, would you argue the system is adversarial ?  Explain and Support (4 Points)



7.     After reading about and reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of plea-bargaining, discuss and explain 2 reasons to support and 2 reasons to oppose plea-bargaining. (8 points)


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