Human resource Management Questions/8 questions/250 minimum word and 1 cited source minimum each question/APA format.




APA writing style and include in text references and bibliography.

Minimum 250 words each question with minimum of 1 cited source each question.

No plagarism. will be used.



Questions 4 and 8 (pg. 32)


4.  What roles do the outside environment and competition have in formulating organizational strategy ?


8. What is the roles of the human resource unit in making strategic decisions?


Questions 4, 5, &6 (pg 56)


4. Explain the purpose of an HR audit.  When is it appropriate to conduct one?


5. What are the components of an HR audit?


  6. We have stated that corporate strategy should drive functional and HR strategy.  We also have stated that the formation of corporate and HR strategy is interactive in nature.  Do you see an apparent contradiction in these two statements?  Explain your answer.


Qu estions 1, 4, & 5 (pg. 96)


1. Why should an organization be interested in its external environment?


4. How is the global environment changing?


5.  Why does globalization make management difficult?  What changes are occurring in the technological environment, and what are the implications for HRM?





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