Health information technology

As health care delivery is becoming dependent on health information technology, health care professions are faced with new ethical issues. To prepare for this Discussion: • Review the Layman article, “Health Informatics: Ethical Issues” in this week’s Learning Resources. • Consider current and potential technologies and how they might be in conflict with patient rights. • Select a current health information technology. • Ask yourself if the need to know and share patient health information compromises confidentiality. • Consider the right to privacy versus the overall benefits of the community. By Day 4, post a comprehensive response to the following: • Identify potential conflicts that might occur with the principles of beneficence, autonomy, fidelity, and justice when this technology is fully implemented. • Provide an example illustrating how the effectiveness of the technology overrides any chance of a conflict with principles of beneficence, autonomy, fidelity, or justice. References: • Article: Layman, E. (2003). Health informatics: Ethical issues. Health Care Manager, 22


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