Glasgow Caledonian University ICAO Airline Accidents and Air Traffic Case Analysis

Read the assigned topics, then conduct further research into the aerospace safety mandate as you will use this knowledge in writing your Case Analysis (CA). The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the need for it. Consider accessing the ICAO website and scholarly journals to perform this task. What is the ICAO primary mission, where is it located, how is it structured? (in Summary) Include history and framework. What are some core impedances to global aviation safety? (in Significance) Explain the global need for uniformity with civilian aviation. What are some major intermediary accomplishments that it facilitates and what issues are being worked (ex. English as the standard language)? (in Alternativessubmission criteriaWrite a 2-3 page Case Analysis and include; Properly cited sources using the APA current edition. A References page Appendices, as needed Resources from the major agencies to support your work. Include these elements: Summary Problem Significance of the Problem Two Alternative Actions Two advantages and disadvantages per alternative action A Recommendation Reference page

I want to show you a illustrative example but i do not know how attach a file.

The paper will automatically be evaluated through Turnitin so make sure that every thing is good.


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