Facility Response Plan Exercise

Facility Response Plan Exercise




1.     What are the elements in determining if a facility is a substantial harm facility?


2.     What are the three purposes of Facility Response Plans?


3.     True or False: A facility must plan only for a worse case spill scenario under the FRP requirements.


4.     How many gallons constitute a small spill under FRP?


5.     What type and how much spill equipment must be kept ready for a small spill of hydraulic oil under FRP elements?


6.     Calculate the gallons of petroleum oil for a worse case spill if the onshore storage facility had a 3 million gallon tank with secondary containment of 3 million gallons plus freeboard.


7.     If the onshore storage facility had four 100,000 gallon tanks together within a secondary containment area capable of 100,000 gallon plus freeboard, calculate the worse- case spill volume.


8.     Would an FRP include contracted companies for response to spills? Yes or no.


9.     What title and part of CFR is referenced for determining SPCC and FRP requirements?


10.  How long must inspection reports for response equipment be kept on file?



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