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Do the following tasks in the order given.

1. In your own words, define the term bullying.

2. Read the following articles:

 Garby, L. (2013). Direct bullying: Criminal act or mimicking what was learned? Education Summer 2013, 133 (4), 448-451. To locate the article, do a basic search in the ITT Tech Virtual Library using the title of the article as the search terms.

 Broad definition of bullying poses problem for firms Greenwald, Judy. Business Insurance 44. 24 (Jun 14, 2010): 18. You can access this article through the ITT Tech Virtual Library> Basic Search> Search for Broad definition of bullying poses problem for firms.

Write one paragraph for each task below. A paragraph should have at least five sentences with a topic sentence and four sentences of support.

3. Why is it important to define the term bullying accurately?

4. The articles discuss the same problem. Explain the problem. Why is this a problem? Who does this problem affect?

5. Has your definition of the term bullying changed? Why or why not? Is your definition more or less specific? Why would a more specific definition be better?

Submission Requirements:

Submit your response in 250–350 words in a Word document. Your response will include:

 Your original definition and

 Three paragraphs that address each set of questions


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