Can anyone do this assignment in 2 hours!!! Withouth plagarism?


This discussion board is intended to help you learn about the term “Hispanic” and its meaning.  

This assignment fulfills/supports Module Outcome: You will have examined the meaning of the word “Hispanic” and similar terms. Course Outcome: You will have demonstrated some knowledge of Hispanic civilization and culture General Education Competency you will have created a brief composition in English.


For this assignment, you will need external sources.  You have a wide variety of choices in what sources you use: books, magazines, documentaries, etc.  Most of you will probably choose to use websites, and that is fine.  You may NOT Wikipedia.  Regardless of the sources you choose, you must remember two things if you wish to receive credit: you must cite all sources, and you must paraphrase everything you write.  If you copy and paste, you will not receive credit, even if you have correctly cited your source.  

Specific websites which you will need include:

Grading Criteria

This assignment (and all discussion boards) comes in two parts.  

First, you will need to post an initial post of at least 300 words.  Yes, your instructor will look at the word count, so you should too.  This initial post is due by midnight, Thursday, 


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