BUS 401 week 4 DQ 1


Week 4 – Discussion 1




Financial   Risk and Reward

Pathbuilder is being used in this course and this discussion is currently locked. Prior to beginning work on this discussion you must complete the Types and Rates of Return, Risk and Measuring Risk, Measuring Return, The Capital Asset Pricing Model, Portfolio Betas, and Return modules in the RealizeIt platform. Once the modules are completed and this information has been transferred into the course gradebook this discussion will unlock and you will be able to submit your initial post to the forum.

(Please note that some modules will have prerequisites that must be completed first. You are highly encouraged to start your RealizeIt work early in order to ensure that you have plenty of time to successfully complete all required modules prior to the due dates for your assigned work. If you do not complete any work in the RealizeIt platform, the grade returned from RealizeIt will be a Zero.)

Watch the two videos listed below on the topics of financial risk and reward.  Imagine you can interview the presenters and ask one question about financial risks and rewards.  What question would you ask?  Why do you feel that is an important question? What is Financial Risk Investment and Consumption

Guided Response: Review several of your classmates’ posts. Respond to at least two classmates. For one classmate response, answer the question that they have posed to the presenter as if you were speaking on their behalf.  In your second classmate response, share whether you agree or disagree with a classmate’s answer to the presenter’s question and be sure to justify your reasons.

Carefully review the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate this Discussion Thread.




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