Biblical Question

 Read and Exegete the Book of Jonah with a Commentary and answer the folling questions. In the context of Who is the writer of the Book of Jonah and What are his believes? Who lifed in the city of Nineveh? What were the sins and wickedness that God speaks about in the text? Then did why God pick Jonah to go to the city of Nineveh? Is the USA the Country of Nineveh do  we need to be saved? If so yes???  For my argument in this paper,  I believe we are a some like the city of Nineve because we have a govement that’s worried being like, money and war. WHEN OUR GOVERMENT BULD JAILS INSTEAD OF BUILDING SHCOOL. WHEN IS THE GOD IN THAT? PLEASE SEE MY ARGUMENT AND HELP ME TO FORM A GREAT PAPER AROUND IT…..PLEASE AND THANK YOU: ): ): ) What evidence do we have that God cares about cities and their inhabitants? How should this affect our sense of calling to urban mission?   Indentify at least ten examples of sin and evil in urban life today. Waht would a real Nineveh-style repe4ntance from such be like?Given the biblical date, what do you think should be the cutting edge of Christian mission in the city?Jonah fled when God told him to go preach to Nineveh, and in moden thimes cities continue to intimidate. What connectionmight there be beween the sad condition of many cities and their frequent neglect by missionaries?  




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