Assignment 11

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 Answer  these six questions as comprehensively as possible, with each response  to be about 400 words long.  Your answers can come from your readings or  the Internet, but be sure to cite all of your sources. 

              Question 1       

  By  the year 2050, there will be 8.5 billion people in the world, of whom  5.5 billion will be living in urban areas.  The article you read in week  five (attached) said that a ‘revolution in thinking’ must occur to  alleviate this crisis, but what form must this revolution take?
A Report by the UN Population Fund 

              Question 2       

  What are some of the major causes for a lower life expectancy in the Third World than in the First?

              Question 3       

  There  are several reasons why foreign aid is not resolving poverty in the  Third World.  What are some of them and what can be done to correct this  problem?

              Question 4       

  From our Webtext and readings, democracy and development do not have to be mutually exclusive.  What does this mean?

              Question 5       

  Africa  has severe infrastructural problems but also the potential for good  growth in the coming decades.  Discuss both of these issues.

              Question 6       

  What are some of the most significant problems that developing states face on their road to development?  


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