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Gender and sexuality are intertwined in many cultures. (Gardiner & Kosmitzki, 2011) Socialization agents teach the appropriate behaviors for gender and the acceptable sexual attitudes and behaviors within a culture. Cultural differences exist around the world and across countries. For example, cultural differences may exist through the number of partners allowed in a marriage, expectations for males and females, and knowledge and application of safe sex practices. Differences may also arise in what is permitted and acceptable, such as premarital sex, same-sex relationships, and extramarital relationships. The consequences for an individual deviating from these cultural expectations also vary from culture to culture. For this Assignment, choose one sexual attitude (e.g., abstinence, monogamy, etc.) and one sexual behavior (e.g., chastity, infidelity, etc.). The Assignment (4�5 pages) � Use your Final Project culture of interest and select another culture of interest to you. Asian Culture and Western (American) Culture � Compare the similarities and differences of sexual attitudes and behaviors in each culture. � Describe the cultural factors that influence sexual attitudes and behaviors. � Explain how sexual attitudes and behaviors are perceived and displayed within each culture. � Be specific and provide examples. References must be APA style and peered review articles, journals etc.


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